Friday, 8 August 2008

He's probably just Misunderstood!

He's probably just Misunderstood!

If you've got 96 minutes of this fine sunny day with nothing else to do but watch this, then I suggest you kill yourself. But if you've got something to live for, then a quick skim of this will probably exonerate Jonathan King entirely. Or perhaps not, given his defence still hasn't shifted from "it's all lies... and it was different back then!"

It's possibly inspired by other keen champion of the young R Kelly and his mental 'Trapped In The Closet' series - in fact Jonathan's apparently pulled of a major coup by roping in David Baddiel to play him. But alas, there's precious few dwarves and rather too much sub-Fantasy Football League sketches passing for 'satire'. And the cartoon segments are absolutely mental - perhaps he IS a genius after all?


Anyway... don't be fooled by the options for High, Medium or Low quality video feeds - the quality here is all of the 'lower than Warwick Davis' kneecaps' standard.
Or a rats ankles.

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