Saturday, 23 August 2008

Free Speech is ignored by LiveVideo has again suspended my membership, for the second time, for exposing "Innocent Abusers", who think that their right to life is far more important than that
of the kids they abuse!

Unfortunately, we live in a Country with full prisons, drug users, and suppliers,
A lot of the convicts in prison have been abused as kids, and they know what it
is like to lose their soul to a child abuser.
He is an evil pariah who preyed on the innocent to take his own immature kicks out on.

As a shallow man who is keen to impress everybody who does not know who he is, the multiple characters he creates in his mind, shows that he really is very, very, insecure in his personal state.
He has all the charisma of a doctor saying the worst to you.

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