Monday, 18 August 2008

King anger

King anger

I write to complain about the review for Jonathan
King's so-called movie (PP 953).

Firstly, I am saddened that your paper would
consider supporting a convicted paedophile attempt
to normalise sexual abuse of children, and
secondly, I am angry that your paper thinks that
buggery of boys is funny, when in reality it is rape.

I support male survivors of sexual abuse and
rape and that includes the victims of Jonathan
King, who have fought for justice, yet the review
of his film states that it's hilarious and free to

There is also a quote about one of the songs saying
there is nothing wrong with buggering boys!

Surely this is not the message that a gay paper
wants to be seen as normal, as you have fought
the myth that all gays are paedophiles for years, so
why continue that myth that giving this sick person
the space to think he is still adored and loved
by millions, when in reality, he is a sick, perverted

You can see the effects and damage that sexual
abuse causes by reading some of the pages on our
website (, and then you will
see that buggery of children is no laughing matter!

Steve Bevan, Specialist Support Worker,
Survivors Swindon
Editor replies: Obviously it wasn't our intention
to cause you or anyone any distress by publishing
this article. So naturally I am truly sorry to hear
your reaction.

However, I disagree that we promoted this
film. The review was balanced which gave the
criticisms of the film more power. And we described
it as crass, self-indulgent and rambling,
including bizarre rants...

The reviewer's comments that it was hilarious
in parts seems to mean to me that we are
mocking King, rather than laughing with him.

Of course we had already emphasised in the first
paragraph that King was found guilty and listed
his crimes.

During my early years as editor, and Ive been
doing this job about seven years now, I was
repeatedly pestered by King to support his spurious
claims of innocence and I always refused.

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